– Enjoying his roasted duck by Singapore hawker – Enjoying his roasted duck by Singapore hawker

Singapore hawker food
Kids also love Singapore best hawker toasted duck

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Long Q for this yummy roasted duck.

Check up for more great hawker food.

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Singapore Hawker duck 新加坡烤鸭

Singapore hawker
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In Singapore Hawker, Food lovers can recommend good food stalls by submitting the youtube or TikTok of the hawkers or food. This will help to promote Singapore Hawkers’ culture locally and globally. This Singapore Hawkers platform is a not-for-profit initiative devised to help local F&B. It’s also a social-driven platform where the submission can be commented on by our friends and neighbors.
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With the new capability enabled by herrohippo ( a cloud-based eCommerce system), this initiative will help young hawker entrepreneurs to embark on hawker business without the burden of rental and even know-how of cooking. They will be able to run this business by managing the last mile delivery of the food. With this new initiative, the group aims to help the local hawkers to increase their sales while deepening the appreciation of hawker culture leveraging on digital technology. Lets support Singapore Hawker.

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